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Vitamin D

Vitamin D-3 is sometimes referred to as liquid sunshine because your body automatically produces it when you are exposed to sun light. However, the recommended intake of D-3 exceeds the recommended exposure to sunlight and is important that this is supplemented. Vitamin D-3 helps reduce inflammation, helps prevent respiratory infections including but not limited to the influenza (flu) virus, helps prevent depression and anxiety, helps your body absorb Calcium, helps control insulin response and improves heart health.

A recent study found that men who supplement Vitamin D can boost natural testosterone by as much as 25% and another study concluded that most men with low testosterone also have low Vitamin D-3 levels further corroborating the findings. For more info on D3, check this article out.

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What are the benefits?

Bone Health

Supports teeth and bone health

Heart Health

Healthy levels of Vitamin D may promote heart health

Immune System Support

Helps to support the immune system

Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D3 assists with calcium absorption

  • An essential nutrient that helps support a healthy immune response, aids in calcium absorption to support strong bones and teeth and supports muscle function
  • Promotes bone, heart and immune health, supports strong, healthy teeth, aids with calcium absorption, and also helps to support the male immune system
  • No sunshine? No problem. Our Vitamin D3 is the superior alternative of the sunshine vitamin that your body prefers.
  • Vitacrate's Vita-Pack is manufactured here on American soil and is guaranteed to meet the highest quality in standards
  • It's made from carefully selected ingredients under strict manufacturing processes

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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