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This guide is being composed or edited by the Vita Crate® team. Oftentimes, new information emerges that is relevant to a particular guide, these items must be tested by our staff to ensure any new information is accurate. Guides can takes months to compose and are always a work in process, so please excuse any temporary delay while we release information that is not only accurate but tried and true by athletes and professionals. Thank you.

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Weight Loss Meals 

Meals and specific, easy to follow guides to help your weight loss efforts.

Balanced Eating

Guides and meals to ensure you are getting, through natural means, everything your body needs to be healthy.

Vitamin Rich Recipes

While we recommend supplementation, there are certain meals that are jam packed with essential nutrients your body needs.

Best Foods for Men and Women 50+ 

Don't hit the age wall, learn about eating habits that help keep hormones balanced and joints and other age-related illnesses at bay.

Keto Dieting

High-fat, low-carb and protein dense dieting has its uses. Find out if it's right for you and it's benefits.

Low Calorie High Protein Foods 

Lean and mean. If size and vanity isn't the appeal, check out diets that make your body composition more utilitarian than a body builder or powerlifter.