Stress Less: The Best Vitamins For Stress and Anxiety Management

Did you know: more than 2 in 3 adults in the United States have reported that they are feeling increased levels of stress due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the virus is simply an additional source for the pre-existing anxiety that many people feel.

So what are the different vitamins and medicinal herbs available that can help combat stress?

Keep reading for our list of the top vitamins for stress reduction.

B Complex Vitamins

One of the best vitamins you can take to reduce stress and anxiety levels is Vitamin B. Vitamin B has wide-ranging benefits in addition to reducing stress, such as keeping your heart healthy.

Eight different B vitamins make up the B complex. Most of these can be found individually in different foods. But, taking a multivitamin is a great way to ensure you're getting all of the possible benefits.

If you're looking for vitamins for stress and hair loss issues, start with Vitamin B. Low levels of vitamin B7 can lead to hair loss, so it's important to make sure you're taking a multivitamin including B complex..

Our Athlete's Essential Vitamins For Men subscription contains Vitamin B12 amongst many other nutritional ingredients to help you stay fit and strong.


Next, alongside the many vitamins for mood and stress improvement, there are also several medicinal herbs that can help. Ashwagandha is a good example of this, and it comes from a plant in the nightshade family.

This supplement has been used for thousands of years in traditional Indian medicine. Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that Ashwagandha increases the mind's resilience to stress.

It also encourages deeper sleep and relaxation and helps to maintain stable levels of the hormone cortisol.

Ashwagandha can be taken as a pill, otherwise, it can be consumed as a powder that is mixed into drinks or food. Honey can be added to improve its taste.

Vitamin C Infograph

Shown is the Ashwagandha Plant, which is an evergreen shrub that grows in parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Not all medicine has to be synthesized: Without sounding like a hippy or pseudoscience nut, it is important to mention that some herbs, spices and plants have been used for 1000's of years for medicinal purposes. Not all medicine has to be created in a lab.

Vitamin C in pill form.
Vitamin C in powder form.

Theanine (Left) Kava (Right). Info on these two plants below.


Another beneficial herb for tackling high levels of stress is valerian root. Valerian root has been proven to treat anxiety thanks to its effect on the brain's neurons.

It has been known to help with insomnia too, which often goes hand in hand with stress and anxiety disorders.

Valerian is available in pill form, and also as a tincture, of which only a few drops are needed. Due to its sleep-inducing properties, it is not recommended to take Valerian during the day.


 When considering the best vitamins for stress and anxiety, we cannot neglect magnesium. Magnesium can be found throughout our range of vitamin subscriptions due to its incredible benefits to the body and brain.

As much as 70% of adults have a magnesium deficiency. This is important to address because low levels of magnesium are commonly associated with depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues.

Magnesium assists in reducing anxiety thanks to its muscle-relaxing properties. It calms the nervous system and has long been used to decrease irritability and restlessness.

Magnesium and calcium are interdependent, so it is best to take a multivitamin that combines these two super-vitamins.


Melatonin is also worth exploring when looking for vitamins and supplements to reduce stress and anxiety. This is thanks to the strong connection between melatonin and good-quality sleep.

When we have erratic sleep patterns, insomnia, or simply not enough deep sleep, our stress levels are usually high as a result of this. So, when struggling with stress management, ask yourself whether you are getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates our circadian rhythm: this is what gets us up in the morning, and makes us sleepy at night.

By taking a melatonin supplement, people tend to find they fall asleep quicker and improve their sleep quality.

Fish Oil

Another of the best vitamins for stress that should be mentioned is fish oil. Fish oil contains essential omega 3 fatty acids which have a wide range of benefits for the human body.

As well as boosting the health of your heart, fish oil has been linked to improving moods because it regulates normal brain functions.

Fish oil has wider benefits to the brain. Studies have shown how this supplement can help with memory loss, fight the symptoms of cognitive degeneration, and can be of huge assistance to those suffering from depression.


One of the best vitamins for stress and anxiety that we cannot fail to mention here is theanine. Theanine is an amino acid that can be found in tea leaves and in some varieties of mushrooms.

Often referred to as L-theanine, it is also available in pill form.

Many people appreciate the benefits of theanine because it allows relaxation and a reduction in stress without causing sleepiness. Reports have shown that theanine can slow the heartbeat when performing mentally strenuous activities.

Why not try theanine in the form of green tea, as the act of stopping to drink a cup of tea is also a well-known method of relaxation.


The final medicinal herb to explore when looking at ways to bring down stress levels is kava. Kava is a crop that grows in the Pacific islands.

Pacific Islanders have traditionally incorporated kava into their ceremonies and culture in the form of a drink during social settings.

Compounds within kava decrease the activity of the nervous system and relieve anxiety for many people.

It can be taken in many forms including tea, powder, or pills.

Those Are the Top Vitamins for Stress Reduction

 Now that we've covered the different vitamins and ingredients that can assist with easing stress, it's time to find out which one works best for you. Depending on your gender, age, and fitness levels, we've got a range of vitamin combinations to suit everyone.

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