This Is How to Remember to Take Your Vitamins

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Many people are motivated and have every intention to take their vitamins daily, but life gets in the way, and even the best of us tend to forget. It always seems like such a hassle remembering to pop these pills, even though we all know that they are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer and other illnesses.

Here are some practical tips to help take your vitamins so that you never forget them again. 

Take Your Vitamins With Food

One of the best ways to never forget your vitamins is by taking them with meals. They will also not upset your stomach as much if your tummy is full. Taking vitamins with every meal is the perfect way to avoid forgetting them. You can get into a daily routine to pop them with your breakfast to get fueled and energized.

This is also helpful because you can remember to take your vitamins in the privacy of your home. You will never have to feel self-conscious pulling out all those pills in a busy restaurant or around friends and family. Ask your doctor about the best time for taking vitamins and incorporate them with your meals during the day. 

Always Carry Your Vitamins With You

If you depend on taking more than one type of supplement, you should buy a stylish container or keep them in a small bowl in your car, purse, or desk at work. This way, even if you forget to take them at home, you can always keep up with your daily requirement by quickly sneaking them in during a lunch break at work.

Keep Your Vitamins Nearby

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Keep your friends close but keep your vitamins closer?” Okay, we may have changed the quote a little, but we did it for your benefit. Instead of storing your vitamins in a kitchen cabinet or a drawer with several other items, try and keep them closer to you, like next to the coffee maker on the counter.

If the kitchen is not the best place to help you remember to take your vitamins, store them next to your toothbrush or toothpaste. Then you can always have them in plain sight to trigger your memory. This way, you will slowly get into the habit of taking them regularly because you will keep seeing them in front of you.

Taking all your vitamins will become a strict part of your routine, and you will never leave the house without them, the way you keep your phone and house keys nearby for the same reason.

Set Online Reminders and Alarms

Like most people, you and your smartphone may be inseparable. You may be working and socializing all day, causing you to keep checking your phone regularly. There are many apps you can download and use to remember taking your vitamins.

You can also use the calendar to schedule daily meeting reminders with loud alarms to go off at the same time each day. If you decide to disconnect from technology for a while during the weekends, you can also go old school and stick post-it notes on the fridge or kitchen cabinet door.

While making coffee in the mornings, you can always look up and see the messages reminding you to take your pills before going about your day. If all else fails, you can always, as a last resort, try having a buddy system at home if you live with family members or have housemates.

Tell them about the benefits of taking your vitamins and encourage them to hold you accountable with frequent reminders so that you will never forget them. Your body will always be grateful for these extra supplements and nutrients to keep you fit and healthy. 

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Set an extra alarm on your phone around breakfast time!

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What to Do if You Forget Your Vitamins

The first step is to take deep breaths and avoid panic. Then you should be mindful that it is never recommended to double down on your usual dose of vitamins if you miss taking them for a day or two.

Although there may be a few times when you feel that you need to take more vitamins than usual, you should always ask your healthcare professional before altering the amount.
For example, you may need more B-complex to deal with stress or Vitamin C if you are worried about allergies and flu season. Always stick to the recommended dose unless your doctor tells you that it is okay to consume a few extras.

If you suddenly forget to take your vitamins for one day, you will most likely not experience any side effects unless you rely on them for medical reasons. However, if you are consistently missing valuable vitamins and nutrients from your diet, your body can become more prone to illnesses, exhaustion, and a weakened immune system.

You may also notice signs of a lack of energy and fatigue, which is why it is important to set reminders and be creative to take your vitamins regularly on time to avoid severe conditions or depression.

It can take some weeks to see a noticeable difference if you are suffering from a significant deficiency. For example, it can take months for your B12 levels to drop, and even if they do, you can still be within the normal range without noticing any ill effects.

Iron supplements also take several weeks to change because of the life cycle of red blood cells. However, it is still best to have a fixed schedule to avoid neglecting your vitamins to always feel positive and energetic. 

Always Take Your Daily Dose

With these simple tips, you can always remember to take your vitamins to feel better throughout the day. Then you can consistently maintain and enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. Imagine never stressing out about getting the right nutrients ever again.

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