7 Ways to Prevent Illness

7 Ways to Prevent Illness

Prevention is the easiest way to fight chronic, long-term, seasonal or short-term illnesses. We have all been to the doctors and took some sort of resentment when they said, you need to lose weight, or you need to lower your cholesterol, or you need to quit smoking. This is not them picking on you, that is their job to advise you on illness prevention, so they do not have to start you on treatment.

So, how can we prevent common illnesses and ailments?

Smoking and consuming Alcohol is bad for you.

1. Stop smoking and drink in moderation.

Smoking is directly related to and causes the death of 480,000 people a year in the United States alone. Most people only associate lung cancer as a result of smoking but smoking is linked to over 16 different types of cancer. Recent taxes and inflation have also caused the price per pack of cigarettes to go through the roof, so now is the best time to quit. Save your body, health and pocketbook.

Smoking can also destroy your teeth, gums and make your breath and person smell terrible. Smoking is not nearly as popular as it once was, so you are certainly outcasted if you still smoke. As an ex-smoker myself, I can say that I notice, no successful or educated people I know smoke and social aspects might not be in consideration, but it is something you should at least take notice of!

Smoking can extremely be hard to quit, in fact, nicotine addictions are said to be as hard to kick as heroin. Because quitting is extremely important to your health, it is highly advisable to seek professional help from a doctor or one of the many free smoking cessation organizations there are. Never be afraid to ask for help!

Exercise and Vitamins

2. Exercise and Avoid Sedentary Activity

When people hear that they need to exercise and avoid inactivity, it is usually followed by a whole host of excuses like, “I work in an office,” or “I’m not going to a gym.” Which is completely fine, you do not need to get into body building or switch careers. Going on an after-dinner walk coupled with eating healthy and drinking loads of water can truly go the distance. Instead of staying home to binge watch some new season of your favorite show on Netflix, pace yourself and plan some fun outdoors activities for the weekend.

A recent study found that movement is the new ‘Miracle Pill.’ And that inactivity is related to 7.2% of deaths globally and is now the 4th leading cause of death in humans. Inactivity or sitting down is the new smoking and causes a huge list of issues such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression, dementia and obesity.

There are a ton of really fun activities to do that involve exercise without you really noticing your doing the deed. Swimming, cycling, going on long walks, hiking, backpack camping and things like tennis just to name a few. Another extremely popular thing is replacing one of your recliners in your home with a stationary workout bike. You can get lost in an episode of your favorite show while getting in quite the work out! The key to all of this is try everything and do what works the best for you.

3. Eat Healthy, Eat Clean

Eating clean and healthy is hands down the hardest thing to do but there are hundreds of diets and methods to choose from. Here is a what worked for me.

Intermittent fasting – Fasting is one of the easiest things to start doing right this second. Essentially, you pick a 8 hour period of the day in which you are allowed to eat. I chose 10 to 6. I chose these times because breakfast is my favorite meal (and I tend to gorge myself) and any time after dinner I usually snack on junk food while sitting around! Cutting out these times and not eating for 16 hours at a whack cuts down on overeating, junk food and tends to act as a food suppressant.

Set Calorie Limit – There are online macro calculators that are extremely useful to figure out what your caloric intake should be based on your personal goals. It also helps understand how much Protein, Carbohydrates, Sugar and Fats you should be consuming daily. Setting a calorie limit is absolutely crucial if you are trying to gain, maintain or lose weight. https://www.calculator.net/macro-calculator.html

Meal Prep – We are extremely busy people and/or lazy, let us be honest. Meal preparation saves not only time, energy, but it keeps you on track and saves you money which is always important! Meal prepping turns one big dinner preparation into a solid 3 to 4 days’ worth of meals.

Other important tips I kept in mind is that I refuse to revolve my day around eating. I do not plan exact times to eat and when I do eat, I look at it as a necessary refuel. Another thing that is important is to omit friend food, sugary food and foods that cause inflammation from your diet!

There are tons of other diets and tactics on how to approach healthy eating and this approved food list is a great place to start. YouTube also has loads of meal preparation tutorials that I highly recommend.

4. Lose Weight & Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity is a killer. Despite movements that are against body shaming or trying to reinforce the decision to maintain an overweight lifestyle, it is simply not the healthy thing to do. Being even mildly overweight can be extremely dangerous and the health impacts are huge. Obesity has been linked to the following;

- Cancer, including bowel cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the womb, et cetera.

- Conditions such as atherosclerosis or high cholesterol which leads to heart disease and stroke.

- Osteoarthritis

- Diabetes

- Liver and Kidney Disease

- Asthma and Breathlessness

- Sleep Apnea Along with other obesity-related problems including sore joints, back pack, feeling isolated, depression, difficulty doing physical activity and increased perspiration.

If you are overweight, you can honestly make a change and see a difference. There are tons of resources to help you and your doctor can provide you with resources as well. Check out this Couch to 5k program that we recommend highly!

Weight loss and diet

5. Supplement Vitamins and other Essential Nutrients

It’s extremely hard to get every essential nutrient and vitamin that your body needs on a daily basis, even with a really good diet plan. It’s not a bad idea to supplement these and give your body an added boost of nutrients. Some key nutrients are;

Vitamin B Complex – There are 8 different Vitamin B compounds, each of which have benefits your body could use. A Vitamin B complex is a cocktail of all 8 forms of Vitamin B.

Vitamin C - Experts say this is one of the safest bets in terms of nutrient consumption. It has been shown to help increase immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases and prenatal health.

Vitamin D3 - Also helps support a healthy immune system while protecting and strengthening your skeletal system, supporting lung function and regulating insulin levels.

It’s also not a bad idea to throw in an extra multivitamin just incase! Don’t forget to check out our vitamin subscription packs which are chalked full of exactly what you need.

6. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are extremely hard on one’s body. Not only does suicide take 800,000 lives globally each year but stress itself can cause some seriously noticeable and distracting side affects which can affect nearly every aspect of your life.

Stress has been shown to cause low energy, loss of sex drive, insomnia, frequent colds and infections due to lowered immune response, headaches, aches, pains and tense muscles. Luckily, levels of stress can be reduced by implementing much of the things we discussed in this article.

Meditation reduces anxiety and stress

7. Drink Water

You have always heard to drink plenty of water but the importance of water is understated by in large.

First and foremost, your body is comprised of 60% water. Many of the organs, tissue and body fluid that play key roles in your bodies performance are made up of a large percent of water.

Cartilage and discs - The cartilage in between joints within your body are made up of 80 percent water and long term dehydration can weaken these body parts causing joint pain and in some cases, injury to these crucial shock absorbers.

Skin - The derma or skin of the human body can and often does become irritated, flaky and itchy. Water is a huge part of your skins chemical makeup and will suffer due to dehydration.

Blood - Blood, which carries oxygen to all parts of your body is made up of 90% water. Blood replenishes in order to efficiently carry out its job, so it is your job to replenish with plenty of water.

Water is also a key part of many exercise and diet plans because it helps flush waste from your system, helps through strenuous activity and can create a sensation of being full. If you replace sports drinks, energy drinks, sodas and sugary juices with water, you will only reap benefits from this.

Drink Water!

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